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No Improper Advantage Policy at Poppers Buyers Club a Poppers Brand franchise website

Dear Poppers Brandians, 

The Poppers Brand prides itself on a commitment to build our business by providing customers with high quality and innovative products with integrity and honest conduct. The Poppers Brand prides itself on fostering an honest and ethical environment in which to support, and it is in that spirit that I encourage all of you to read and consider carefully the Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy currently being added to the Poppers Brand sites.

Policies are important, but it is how we act on them that truly matters. It is our intention that all of those who are a part of The Poppers Brand do so within applicable legal, regulatory, and ethical standards. The Poppers Brand in the name alone represents the innovation as the sometimes controversial term “poppers” is used to reference the name of the website; much like any other name for a franchise it is the branded term making up part of the site name which just so happens to be a term people search when shopping for Solvent Cleaners. This we can not control,  another example for what we can control would be the small glass vials that contained a drug that would not be legal to sell with out a prescription being confused for a Solvent Cleaner.

The two are not comparable as one is a controlled substance and illegal to purchase with out a prescription and the other (sold on our sites) explicitly sold for the legal purpose in which they have been approved for, as noted on our site.  The Poppers Brand employees understand how to do their jobs properly. Accordingly, each of you has an important role to play for putting these principles into practice. Which makes up our Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy (an internal code of conduct soon to be made public).  In essence, the spirit of the policy is one of maintaining the highroad even when targeted by unfair competitors by avoiding retaliations  actions those that create even the appearance of conflicts of interest and unethical behavior.

We all share the responsibility of behaving ethically, identifying any problems, and reporting them to be rectified.  Our Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy, along with our Code of Ethics policy, will assist you in understanding and carrying out your obligation for upholding our ethical beliefs and policies. 

If you have any questions about these policies, please submit an inquiry and one of our legal representatives whom have taken great pride to ensure we have upheld our part for keeping our side of the street CLEEN will be happy to assist you. 

Thank you for helping The Poppers Brand maintain these important goals.