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Clock Cleaners are not amyl nitrate...

Poppers Buyers Club is your exclusive online store for the entire line up of Clock Cleaner© brand Solvent Cleaners.

Clock Cleaners are not amyl nitrate... or any other nitrate for that matter! How could such confusion persist in 2016?

Politics and the Media!

It is amazing in this day and age that should persist over the chemical formulas confusing popular cleaning solvents and popper products

Well, the answer, while elusive, reflects the history of the original amyl nitrite formula when popper use for inhalants was initiated. For political and perhaps social reasons targeted at the primarily gay population using the products at the time, the FDA classified amyl nitrite as a controlled substance and banned it for use other than commercial or medical with a prescription. Inaccurate reporting branded this compound as amyl nitrate and the name has stuck ever since, confusing everyone, including the internet search engines. It is time to set the record straight!

Poppers Buyers Club is pleased to be the exclusive providers of newly formulated premium Clock Cleaners © brand Solvent Cleaners. New in 2016, they challenge some of the most efficient and powerful cleaning solvents. They are guaranteed to put lead in your pencil, and smoothly work their way into even the tightest crevasses. And yes, they are Solvent Cleaners, not amyl nitrate as sometimes inaccurately reported.

All new Fisticuffs 10ml Extra Strength Formula from Poppers Buyers Club is a new trademarked premium label and is tough as nails with a punch that will take your cleansing needs down in a quick count. The other 10 ml offering is Fisticuffs 10ml Extra Strength Formula Limited Couples Therapy, two powerful cleansing products in one handy dandy combo pack boasting pleasant aromas! All other Clock Cleaner brand solvents are available in 30ml single packs and the convenient and an economical eight cleaner pack. This combo featuring all eight products is sometimes on back order so order now. Clock Cleaners © brand proudly offers very limited small portions of the Fisticuffs 10ml Extra Strength Formula!

You have the Original Clock Cleaner 30ml Multi-Purpose Solvent Cleaner along with two premium solvents Fisticuffs 10ml Extra Strength Formula and Castro Platinum 30ml Premium Solvent Cleaner. Castro Platinum 30 ml gives you extra boost you expect from a premium product! This is one of two Clock Cleaners premium labels now available only through Poppers Buyers Club’s online store. And they do not contain amyl nitrate!

The rest of the lineup offers high power, strong cleaning solvents that will make cleaning day a breeze and keep you excited about rubbing back and forth until the job is done. Check out: Monster Clock 30ml Solvent Cleaner with its full bodied aroma and strong cleaning power; Big Ben 30ml Premium Cleaner which sets a new standard for high performance precision cleaners; high performing Clock Cleaner Platinum 30ml Solvent Cleaner; Clock Cleaner Rough n Tumble 30ml Premium Solvent Cleaner, and need we say more; and Big Black Clock, alias BBC 30ml Premium Precision Solvent Cleaner from Poppers Buyers Club by Clock Cleaners Premium Brand. Strong and fast acting they will get it off in an instant!

Poppers Buyers Club is pleased to offer new and original premium solvents exclusively from Clock Cleaners © brand, our partners who provide the highest quality customer support and premium services. Each product contains solvent cleaners, and not amyl nitrate, so don’t let the “confusers” confuse you! Prompt courteous and convenient fast shipping make purchasing from Poppers Buyers Club a breeze.